Thursday, October 8, 2009

My sweet Rachie!

Well I have to write about this for sure! Garrett and I went up to visit my sister Lindsey and her family in ID over the conference weekend! It was such a fun trip and here are some cute pics and a totally adorable video of my little niece Rachel who's two years old! We are making a shopping list for the store, and she was so into it! She kept asking... And what now? She's so adorable and it was so fun for us to spend the weekend with all of them!

So here's the youtube link.. it's too big to put on my blog I think! You have to see it though! She's so adorable!


  1. Oh man Kelse that is just too cute! Kids are just so fun! Thanks so much for all the updates!

  2. She is definitely a cutie! That video is awesome!!!

  3. Hey Kelsie! This is your cousin, Marisa! I found your blog through Larin's. Your wedding pictures are beautiful! My mom had told me all about the wedding, so it was really great to finally see some pics! And, wow, Rachel is so cute. I'm not sure if I've actually seen a pictures of her! I have a blog too, it's private because we live in New Orleans, so send me your email and I'll send you an invite!

  4. Those are cute pictures!!! Glad you were able to go up to visit.

  5. She is a cutie! But lest be honest, it comes with the name!!! :)


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