Thursday, October 8, 2009

My sweet Rachie!

Well I have to write about this for sure! Garrett and I went up to visit my sister Lindsey and her family in ID over the conference weekend! It was such a fun trip and here are some cute pics and a totally adorable video of my little niece Rachel who's two years old! We are making a shopping list for the store, and she was so into it! She kept asking... And what now? She's so adorable and it was so fun for us to spend the weekend with all of them!

So here's the youtube link.. it's too big to put on my blog I think! You have to see it though! She's so adorable!

Girls and Boys

Okay, certainly it's been almost forever since I've updated anything... but I have time right now, you'll find out why in a sec. and I have fun pictures!

Don't worry all you who are wondering when I'll ever put up our wedding pictures or just regular life pictures. I will. I'm sorry! I'm trying to be busy with school and for that reason I haven't been on the computer "socially".

So heres the story. Picture this-My side of the night starts with coming home from work, grabbing a hawaiian Papa Murphy's pizza and on the phone with some of my favorite girls! Shaunelle and Rachel. We are together to experience "free pampering" from a Mary Kay's consultant! We have lots of fun putting on makeup, talking colors, and shopping for new products! I got a great deal! After the play time, we cooked the pizza, made black bean brownies, with no flour and high in fiber and talk about losing wieght while watching the hour episode of Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office!

Garrett comes home a little later, to avoid the our girl time, with his littlest brother Luke. They've got the chips and salsa ready, and begin their "boy bonding time"- playing NCAA football. (whatever that means!) Its so funny! This is why I'm blogging! I wish you could hear their commentary while playing! Ha... so cute! "That should have been you man! What happened? That was an awesome play dude! He's blocking... take it to him! Alright, I'm giving you the ball, now do something with it! Let me try a direct snap, it's time to play ball! I'm worried about the clock bro, we can't take it to the house man! Should we take it for the win? Touchdown Cougars! Let's play basketball now!" ...etc

:) I just love the difference between girls and boys!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our City

For the past little while the city has been celebrating the summer with it's annual Springville Days. Art shows, concerts, breakfast at the firestation, carnivals, quilt shows, rodeo, fireworks and of course a big parade. Even though we weren't able to attend this year, all of the city activities affect me in a way I'm not sure how to explain. I just love it!

I feel like I'm a part of something- it sounds silly, but I really love this city. There are old stores on Main Street, which was closed off half the day to accommodate the parade floats, there are grassy fields with horses that play and run around... We can walk to our church building, and pass a beautiful park with a stream, and neighbors who have llamas, a duck pond, sheep, and some animals I've never seen before, but they look friendly! Beautiful mountains surround us and there's a train that passes through and blows its horn. Some my sweet husband, would rather there not be a train, but I enjoy it each time it passes by.

I feel like we live in a modern world, but still somehow the city reminds me of the olden days. I feel safe walking outside and its quiet and peaceful. Garrett and I were at a local pizza place the other day and the owner was so kind to us. We were able to make so many interesting connections as we spoke, he encouraged us to enjoy our married years without children, handed us our order, shook our hands, exchanged names and smiles, and we went home. I just felt so happy!

The city so far has been just what I've wanted! We have a beautiful home, and it's been so wonderful to live so peacefully here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are the Beeston family!

After years of only using facebook, I can now create a blog for our new family! I've waited and prepared myself to be married, and found that it's more than I expected. Garrett is the most amazing husband, and married life, even with some challenges, has been an easier transition than I thought! I spend my time with my best friend- what more could I ask for?

Garrett and I were happily married May in the Bountiful, Utah temple. We were accompanied by all of our family, minus Spencer who is serving his mission in TX, but we managed to have Logan be with us, as he entered the MTC the very next morning! What a blessing it's been to have such mercy shown to us by our Heavenly Father. We are sealed now as an eternal family, and have the most wonderful support system... our families on each side.

I just finished making the necessary changes to finalize my new name... Mrs. Beeston.'s a little wierd to hear it, but I'm getting quickly accustomed.

I hope in these coming days, months and years this new blog will be a great history for us of our new lives together! Thanks to all who'll read, comment and enjoy it with us!

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