Thursday, October 8, 2009

Girls and Boys

Okay, certainly it's been almost forever since I've updated anything... but I have time right now, you'll find out why in a sec. and I have fun pictures!

Don't worry all you who are wondering when I'll ever put up our wedding pictures or just regular life pictures. I will. I'm sorry! I'm trying to be busy with school and for that reason I haven't been on the computer "socially".

So heres the story. Picture this-My side of the night starts with coming home from work, grabbing a hawaiian Papa Murphy's pizza and on the phone with some of my favorite girls! Shaunelle and Rachel. We are together to experience "free pampering" from a Mary Kay's consultant! We have lots of fun putting on makeup, talking colors, and shopping for new products! I got a great deal! After the play time, we cooked the pizza, made black bean brownies, with no flour and high in fiber and talk about losing wieght while watching the hour episode of Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office!

Garrett comes home a little later, to avoid the our girl time, with his littlest brother Luke. They've got the chips and salsa ready, and begin their "boy bonding time"- playing NCAA football. (whatever that means!) Its so funny! This is why I'm blogging! I wish you could hear their commentary while playing! Ha... so cute! "That should have been you man! What happened? That was an awesome play dude! He's blocking... take it to him! Alright, I'm giving you the ball, now do something with it! Let me try a direct snap, it's time to play ball! I'm worried about the clock bro, we can't take it to the house man! Should we take it for the win? Touchdown Cougars! Let's play basketball now!" ...etc

:) I just love the difference between girls and boys!


  1. Hilarious! It always cracks me up how Lance and his brothers always call each other "dude"! What would boys do without nintendo...and fantasy football..ha! Love the blog! :)

  2. Fun to read honey! It's true BOYS are so different! I had the "girls" over for our book club last night--dad was in his office just smiling at all the "girl" talk! He could hardly believe how girls just love to talk, talk, talk! Ha! But, I can see reading your blog that boys like to talk too--just a much different lingo! Ha! Love you both! MOM

  3. Ha ha.... I am glad that I got to be part of your girl's night. Any time you need chicas you know I'll be there :) I LOVE YOU and the brownies were great!

  4. Ah, I made the blog!!! I love it when that happens! It was so fun and the food and company was awesome! Loved reading about the "boys night" too...that's too cute! Love you Kels!


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